Hyundai Motor bolsters global partnerships through Expo campaign

Hyundai Motor Group, one of the most avid supporters of the ultimately unsuccessful Korean campaign …

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안철수 측 "심장이상? 허위" 장성철 "安 쓰러져 심폐소생술"

안철수 국민의힘 의원이 16일 서울 여의도 국회 소통관에서 이준석 전 대표 제명 촉구 기자회견을 하고 있다. 뉴스1안철수 의원 측은 17일 정치평론가 장성철 공론센터 소장이 이준석 …

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S. Korea, US, Japan stage trilateral maritime interdiction drills for 1st time in 7 years

South Korea, the United States and Japan staged a trilateral maritime interdiction exercise in water …

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Response to Yasukuni visits underway: official

South Korea will soon reveal its response to expected visits by Japanese lawmakers to the controvers …

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[Today’s K

DAY6 will hold a year-end concert with all four members present, a first in four years, according to …

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Biden says Hamas must be eliminated, US officials warn war could escalate

WASHINGTON -- US President Joe Biden said on Sunday he believes the Hamas militant group must be eli …

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